Monday, November 25, 2013

God Has Abundance In Mind For You

You DO have eternal life, you know. Everyone does...sinner and saint.

It's no secret, only a matter of the choice of venue at which you will spend your eternity.

Heaven or Hell. Pearly Gates or Lake of Fire. Many Mansions or the Abyss.

Even as I wrote, the inspired by the Holy Spirit, line above I was struck by how giving God is and how everything associated with Satan is not.

Pearly Gates...Many Mansions...and might I repeat from the Word, that the mansions have many rooms. Abundant love that gives reward and blessings juxtaposed to Hell, Lake of Fire, The Abyss.


When laid out in comparison, I don't know how anyone could choose Hell.  Or, why they would choose to side with Satan over God.


God has loved and given to you since before you were born.  Satan has hated and attempted to destroy you since the moment you were born.

God has told you the truth and given you free will. Satan has lied to you and held you captive and in bondage as a prisoner.

So...the scales, they are a bit unbalanced, no?

Ah, but you are confused. You've been hurt, abused, betrayed, kicked in the gut by life, over and over. You cannot trust, forget or forgive because the pain is just too much.

I know.

"But there are things you don't know!"  Yes, I know that line and yes, you are right.  I don't know everything that has gone on or the depth of your pain.  I had my own pain and issues and I used that same line too, because it was true. I talked about my pain, shouted from the rooftops about the injustice and suffering I was going through. I cried and talked about it until I was blue in the face and my heart was so heavy that I wanted to die.

Until one day, my desperate prayers were answered. They were desperate complaints, accusations, demands, blame and cursing really, not prayers.  They were muddled and sophomoric and lame, even shameful.

But God.

God heard me. But what is more, God answered me.  I mean here I was, blaming God and telling Him that He was essentially Satan. I was accusing Him of treating me bad, abusing me and hurting me during my entire life.

I cursed Almighty God! Think about about that!

And what did God do?  He saw and heard in the midst of all of my disgusting wretchedness that I was at the desperate end of myself and ready to accept the saving power of His Son, Jesus.

All I can say is another...WOW!

What I learned over time and maybe just a few moments ago, is that God does not get in there with you and wrangle or fight to convince you of anything. First of all, nothing about me is a surprise to God. He knew the exact moment in my life when I would crash and burn and thereby be ready to accept Jesus into my heart as my Savior. Secondly, God is truth and He knows that truth can never be denied. Truth can be ignored but never denied. That said, there is no reason for God to wrangle with people. He has already given us everything to succeed and be victorious in this life. So it's really not a matter of us getting from God because He has already given.  It is a matter of us taking hold of what is already there by getting into agreement and alignment with God instead of the devil.  The first step to that is being desperate for God to save you because you finally realize that you are failing at life by trying to take it on yourself, without God.

 When you come to the end of yourself and ready for God, you actually give Him permission to show you what has been on the other side of that locked door. Jesus!

Again, God is not holding you back, it is Satan who has been trying his best to keep you denied.

God has abundance in mind for you. Abundant love and life.

His name is Jesus.  Jesus is the answer to your hurt, pain, betrayal and loss. Jesus has the answer to the misdirections, lies and deathly destruction because He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

I know this because when I was ready for God, my Heavenly Father showed me that on the other side of the locked door of my heart was what I could not begin to imagine. My biological father came into view, thus back into my life and through him, Jesus was revealed!

The rest of my testimony is still unfolding but there is no doubt in my mind that God has given me love and life more abundantly than I have ever known, because His Son now lives in me!

~The Beginning~

Monday, May 13, 2013

Some Reflections On The Day After Mother's Day

I so enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day, spent with my son and my dad! I wanted to get this post written before the day was out, but just could not get it done, due to having such a nice day!  I hope all of you Mighty Godly Mom's out there enjoyed your day spent with those who love you, too!

So, on this day after Mother's Day, I stand back and marvel at God and His perfect Fathering.  He truly is the Alpha and the Omega!  Without His Fathering, us mom's would not know how to mother, for He put that which makes us "mother's" in us.  That tenderness...that expandable heart...  God made the heart of a mother breakable because it would need to be, to show a child how to love and care about someone other than him/herself.  A mother shows a child how to love without reservation. A  mother shows a child how to love selflessly, because her job is one of selflessness from the beginning.  God designed mothers to be a vehicle of empathy, unconditional love and nurturing that every child needs to see themselves as worthy of  love. I think one of the reasons mom's are the choice of God for birth, is because God made them to bare the burden of separation without the cessation of the bonds of love that a child needs until it's time for them to leave and sow their own harvest.

Mother's who are righteous of the Lord, being in Him and devoted to His leading, know that from the day their children are born, they are preparing them for separation from them.  They have the strength, given to them by God, to endure the physical pain of child birth, the heart-break as their children learn love from her and the psychological pain of separation when their child leaves the nest.

Godly mothers know, that God made a mother fragile so she would go to Him on her knees, for her strength.  God  made mother's tender to teach her children how to care.  God made a mother persevering to teach her children to never give up. God made a mother giving, to teach her children selflessness.  Many lessons from a mother come in the action of how she lives her life. How much of her time she gives, what she suffers through, how much she loves and laughs, what she endures, if she forgives and how she carries on.  I think a child can learn great lessons from how a mother lives out her life.  Does she become bitter and vengeful or does she love more and deeper and become more giving out of her personal pain?  Mother's can be a vessel of either and believe me, your children will learn life-long lessons from both, so I would warn to be careful of what you are modeling for your children.

I also want to encourage those mother's out there today who have suffered the horrendous atrocity of having custody stripped from them due to abusive men and leftist courts that will stop at nothing to dismantle the Godly family and the teaching of true Christianity in the home.  Don't give up, keep praying and know that God inhabits the praises of His people and will answer your prayers for those children ripped from your nurture and care! Remember 1Kings 3:16-28,  as God's promise to you that He knows who the real mother is and vengeance is His; meaning He has this, He will bring your miracle to pass!

Motherhood is a treasure.  Mother's aren't born, they are made.  I believe when a woman has a child and realizes that he or she is a gift from God, that woman becomes a true mother.  While there are many “bad mother's” that don't deserve to wear the title out there (mine included, along with many others I personally know) I reflect on and celebrate those good mother's that realize and cherish their gifts of God and their once in a lifetime opportunity to be called: MOM.

Happy Day After Mother's Day 2013!

God Made A Mother from Southern Hills Church on Vimeo.

Monday, December 31, 2012


 I love this picture above!  I think that is what 2013 should be grounded in, for believer's in Jesus Christ.

A. REJOICE EVERMORE!  You are in Christ, so what or who can come against you and win?  Nothing and no one!

B. PRAY WITHOUT CEASING!  If you do not already, BEGIN now!  Your ways are not His ways and His ways are THE WAY and always better than your way, so you need to pray without ceasing, that His will be done in your life!

C. GIVE THANKS!  The Lord deserves the glory, the praise and the THANKS for blessing you with His will concerning you!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas Darlings

"Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne?” - Isaiah 49:15

Your Grand-Dad, showed me this passage above, in the Bible today and it is so beautiful and true, that it prompted me to write to the three of you.

Though your brother knows this, in case he ever forgets momentarily, I say to you all, that it is not possible for me to stop loving you or caring about you, my children, nor am I able to stop praying for you and the condition of your hearts; as I wait on the Lord while He works in you.

At Christmas time, this year, I want to impart these truths about Love:

Love leads. 
It does not lord.

Love frees.
It does not bind with chains.

Love acts compassionately.
It is not hard-hearted, sarcastic, twisted, self-serving, back-stabbing, mean, sadistic, or cruel.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Joy to the World

"Thanks be unto God for His UNSPEAKABLE GIFT"~2 Corinthians 9:15

Yes, Merry CHRISTmas!

When the KING WAS BORN it was CHRISTMAS then and we celebrate HIS birth, yes, CELEBRATE the day our WARRIOR, MIGHTY Lord, JESUS CHRIST was born!

But He lives and reigns all the year through and in the hearts of believer's every day.